The videos you are about to see were edited from two hours of raw footage Erin’s friend, Karyn McGettigan, created as part of her education in journalism, one year after Erin was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The footage was given to me along with Erin’s journals as a basis for the book I was to compile and pass on to others.  I often used the footage to transcribe Erin’s words and capture their essence in the sharing of her story but as time went on I realized she was the only one that could truly express her meaning. The creation of YouTube possibilities hit me like a lightening bolt one day and I realized how I could now enlighten the world with Erin’s presence. Speaking to Karyn, the original videographer and interviewer, she had fond memories of the project she had undertaken ten years ago.
I remember calling Erin and asking her if she had a story to tell. Little did I know that by simply sitting down in her apartment, surrounded with tulips and photographs, art and books, all I would need to do is just listen. Erin would do the rest. It was a very special afternoon I spent with Erin that day, intimate and inspiring both at the same time. I simply asked the questions; Erin shared her story. She was determined to spread her message: to help other people learn to listen to their bodies and become empowered by their own health. Two days ago I found out that Erin’s Healing Touch therapist, Alma Lightbody had a friend edit the hours of footage that I had left behind of my afternoon with Erin. How delighted I am for the sensitive and thoughtful way in which Alma’s friend Ronnie Novak edited the sweeping passages of my heartfelt conversation with Erin all those years ago, linking together the main messages that Erin wanted the world to know, and captivating the very essence of her sparkling being.
When I asked Ronnie for a comment about this work he said, “I truly felt Erin’s presence, or some kind of incredible and beautiful energy while assembling this video with you.” I hope you all feel that presence as Erin shares her insights. ~ Alma

My Wonderful Nightmare - Part I

My Wonderful Nightmare - Part 2

My Wonderful Nightmare - Part 3