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Book Cover Art by: Nubia Gala Siebert, "Garden of Suprises II" collection of Sylvia Sierra

A year ago I found myself on a two-week writing course in the jungles of the Amazon Basin of Peru.  The retreat, called Spirit of the Waters, was a remote and perfectly beautiful place to be able to totally focus on writing.  There were six of us and our coach Julie Salisbury, from Inspire-A-Book, had time to work with each of us alone and together. There was no electricity so our computer work was done during the day then our computers were taken several miles away to be  charged.  At night we read by candlelight.  As we became more in tune with each other we read our work aloud and were able to give and receive feedback from each other.  It was during this time I met this wonderful person, artist and writer named Nubia.  As we exchanged readings she was touched with Erin’s story and offered one of her paintings for the cover of ‘My Wonderful Nightmare’.

I chose the painting “Garden of Surprises” for many reasons.  The name is symbolic of all the unexpected changes Erin faced. The beautiful yellow colour is definitely like a garden in spring and its brightness is so like Erin’s vibrant  personality.  The brilliant red swatches throughout represent the nightmare with cancer that Erin endured.  At the bottom one young woman stands alone from from the others.  This reminds me of Erin’s words, “This is a very lonely journey in some ways.  There are so many people with so much love around me and yet my strength and attitude has to come from me.”

Thank you and blessings Nubia, for your wonderful gift and ongoing friendship.

Alma Lightbody