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What Would Erin Say? Blog #5

Do what you love -it's good for the immune system Erin had a strong belief that a healthy immune system is an important factor in fighting cancer and any other illness.  She worked heard to find a balance between conventional and complementary medicine. She said, "There is incontrovertible evidence showing that cancer is caused by a deficient immune system.  This system is built up by excellent nutrition and diet - they directly affect it."  The fact that her doctors didn't agree that diet made a difference was a shock to Erin.  "How can they dismiss it so easily?" Erin also talked about other factors that affect the health of our immune system, such as doing what makes you happy. Her motto was, "I get up, I walk, I fall down and meanwhile I keep dancing.  It seems beyond anyone else's comprehension to think my life goes on but it does.  I still go to work because I love it and if it inspires me, then it's good for my immune system." These insights and advice offer key points for us to think about in all aspects of our daily lives.
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