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What Would Erin Say? Blog #9

MY SPIRITUALITY HEIGHTENS EVERY DAY "Life is very Spiritual now - forever changed by this horrible cancer - but I appreciate it so much. I really enjoy time alone now, more than ever." " I feel I am on a different plane from everyone else." "I do enjoy this level of consciousness and spirituality I have reached. Everything is so important now." " I have done a tremendous amount of 'soul' work since this began and I have come to know myself very well. I know what I need and what I don't need." "What a revelation!! How freeing that is! Life is a spiritual journey and it's not about 'who did what to whom' - it's about spiritual growth and lessons we (the Universe) have chosen to teach our souls." We have to give Erin a lot of credit for how she handled dealing with an illness that is so all consuming. She took the high road and learned everything she possibly could about the cancer and more importantly about her connection to her soul. She did not feel sorry for herself but instead paid attention to the power of love she held for herself and others. She passed on to us what she learned, so we too could honour the spirit deep within us. What we can cherish from Erin's words is to make a connection with our soul now - rather than wait for something traumatic to be the catalyst needed to make us 'awaken'.
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