What Would Erin Say? Blog #5

Do what you love -it's good for the immune system Erin had a strong belief that a healthy immune system is an important factor in fighting cancer and any other illness.  She worked heard to find a balance between conventional and complementary medicine. She said, "There is incontrovertible evidence showing that cancer is caused by a deficient immune system.  This system is built up by excellent nutrition and diet - they directly affect it."  The fact that her doctors didn't agree that diet made a difference was a shock to Erin.  "How can they dismiss it so easily?" Erin also talked about other factors that affect the health of our immune system, such as doing what makes you happy. Her motto was, "I get up, I walk, I fall down and meanwhile I keep dancing.  It seems beyond anyone else's comprehension to think my life goes on but it does.  I still go to work because I love it and if it inspires me, then it's good for my immune system." These insights and advice offer key points for us to think about in all aspects of our daily lives.

What Would Erin Say? Blog #4

Nobody is going to cure you - but you. " My personal opinion is that it's paramount you understand that no one is going to cure you without your involvement.  You need to do research, read and investigate yourself in order to understand what is best for you.  I hope to help others through this awareness of self empowerment. In short take control of the Beast - the illness and it's related journey.  It gives you power in your life when so much is being taken away from you." The empowerment Erin speaks of involves awareness and choice about how you live your life in general.  Inclusion of mind, body, soul and emotions are necessary to truly know yourself and be in charge of all aspects of your life be it illness, relationship, career, family or whatever.  You need to take charge, ask for help when needed but certainly don't be a puppet manipulated by  strings pulled by others.

What Would Erin Say? Blog #3

"Don't let doctors tell you - nothing is wrong" "If your body is telling you something is not right, ask for tests, look into it and don't be brushed off.  Don't let doctors tell you nothing is wrong.  Be aggressive with them - take control.  When things bothered me 3 to 4 years ago it could have made a diffference to my outcome if they had been dealt with then." "Take control of your treatment, your situation, and your doctors.  Ask questions, know how you feel and don't ignore these feelings.  If something doesn't feel right, ask, cancel or change your path.  If you feel like you've been keep waiting long enough raise a fuss, never stay silent." Erin became a true advocate for others that are reluctant to stand up to the medical system and 'voice' the inner rumblings of change within the body and mind.  In many  cases it is difficult for doctors in a 10 minute exam to be fully aware of all symptoms unless you tell them.  We may tell them about what we feel that particular day but forget to tell them about other changes that began weeks or months ago.  Only you and your inner voice are aware of the subtle and persistent sensations that have been occurring.  Make note of eash issue as you sense and know what part of the body is being affected and how often.  When you go to the doctor take the whole picture  - it will help them and you.  You have a 'voice' use it!

What Would Erin Say? Blog #2

'Get to Know Yourself - don't wait' This topic is a follow up from the previous blog about 'listening to your body.'  The key here is, when you pay attention and listen you have a 'choice' to make a 'decision' that will  make a difference.  If you wait too long the body continues to incorporate more drastic measures to catch your attention and sometimes it's too late. We are here to learn and grow as we move toward love, wholeness, harmony and eventually enlightenment.  At a spiritual level we may know our purpose but often thats not immediately revealed to our earthly body.  We'd love to awaken to this growth and be part of it.  Body messages help keep us on track and give us a nudge when we are headed in the wrong direction.  Part of our earthly journey is to make that connection, understand the messages and learn what we are here for.

What Would Erin Say? Blog #1

From Erin, "We've never been taught to listen to our bodies and it's tragic.  I somehow knew the results of my surgery before they told me.  If I had been more in tune with my body I would have known earlier.  I hadn't paid attention and I didn't know how."

From Alma, this lesson is a powerful one for all of us.  We seem to have a disconnect between our soul and the body we chose to inhabit in for our 'human experience' on earth.   Ions ago the 'real people' of Australia used the natural senses of intuition and telepathy to communicate with self and others.  Somewhere along the line we gradually lost that 'knowingness' as the material and literal world took control of our minds.

So how do we get back that connection - and do we want to?  For body/soul connection a simplistic explanation is through 'body symbology' - a language our physical body uses to communicate with us.  I'll use a personal example. In my 20's and 30's I had many major stomach bleeds that put me in intensive care with multiple transfusions.  The medical system could not find a physical reason for the bleeding.  Neither the doctors nor myself thought about the underlying message my body was desperately trying to tell me.  I learned many years later the way the body speaks is through the 'function' of the body part being traumatized.  In my case it was saying,   What was it I couldn't stomach? What was it I couldn't digest? What was going on for me that was 'bleeding the life of me'?

When some part of you body is being strongly affected, ask yourself what the function of that body part is and you will 'know' the answer if you LISTEN.  Work on the source of the problem, change what you need to change in your life and you will see remarkable differences.


Inspiring Author Event

A Celebration of Local Authors Join me as I speak about My Wonderful Nightmare along with 15 other authors


16 authors will showcase their work and speak about their experience in this celebration of local authors on Sunday, December 12, 2010 at the Marriott Hotel, Victoria, BC. It’s a new day in publishing. With the advent of small press and self publishing, more books are being written and published. This event celebrates local authors and provides an opportunity for the general public to hear their stories. The authors include:
  • Julie A Burk & Neville J Tencer, An Italian Odyssey
  • June Swadron, Re-Write Your Life
  • Val and Anny Schaefer, Ogden Point Odyssey
  • Aryana Rayne, Labyrinths of BC
  • Barbara McLauchlin, Here we Go Again
  • Juliana Linscheid, Into the River
  • Alma Lightbody, My Wonderful Nightmare
  • Rebecca Kennel, Victoria Bench by Bench
  • Patti Kagawa, From Sea to Shining Sea
  • Nancy Hughes, Built by Luney Bros. Ltd.
  • Esther Hart, Journey to Personal Freedom
  • Kawika David, Angels Love Stories
  • Trish Brooke, Traveling Hopefully
  • Kathleen Arnason, Remember Me
Doors open at 1:00 PM. The authors will speak from 1:30 to 2:30, after which the public will have a chance to meet and mingle with the authors, purchase books, and have books signed. Door prizes include books and services of the authors. EVENTInspiring Authors present A Celebration of Local Authors DATE: Sunday, December 12, 2010 TIME: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM LOCATION: Terrace Room, Marriott Hotel, 728 Humboldt St., Victoria, BC NO ADMISSION CHARGE -  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. ###


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