What Would Erin Say? Blog #6

Find Your Purpose in Life Our purpose in life is a soul message of why we are here on earth.  Without such a deep seated message we tend to flounder from pillar to post trying to find our way in life.  Purpose isn't about 'what' we are, based on money, education and materials values.  It is about 'how' we are in the world.  How we act, feel, and treat others from the depth of our heart. Erin found her purpose in life and learned more about her inner voice as she wove her way through her unexpected journey with cancer.  Instead of feeling sorry for herself she turned her adventure into sharing her lessons to help others.  Only one month after her diagnosis she said,"I believe my purpose in this life is to have this cancer, beat this cancer and teach those around me about life, struggle, strength, and insight. That is why I promise to record my thoughts and physical feelings throughout this challenge.  I believe my experiences will serve a purpose to someone I know or will know." Erin's sister Lara said, "For Erin, cancer was a vehicle for her to teach others.  She changed everyone around her."  In the face of adversity Erin found and shares her life purpose with everyone who is willing to listen.

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