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Originally published by Dave Howe at Avid Magizine on Pender Island for which David writes a monthly column called "Fascinating Faces". The article then appeared on David's site, Green Angels. My Wonderful Nightmare “My journey is lonely, I’m on my own, even though surrounded by friends & love”, words spoken by Erin, a 31 year old female ovarian cancer non-survivor, whose last days were lightened &  enlightened by a Pender Island healing touch practitioner. Erin wanted her words to be enshrined for future generations & therein lies Alma Lightbody’s sacred promise to publish Erin’s journals, which were created as she, Erin, travelled this lonely path. As you read the soon to be published, ‘My Wonderful Nightmare’, & watch the video’s recommended below, you will see & hear Erin tell in her own words what she learned as her soul prepared to leave her physical body. Mack, Alma’s very successful businessman husband, provided love & support to the author as she pursued her calling both in the healing arts & her untold hours with Erin. Erin was the daughter of a good friend of Mack’s & without his loving support, Alma’s concentration on the walk to physical death with Erin, would have been much more difficult. This is a story about a Pender family who's life became intertwined with a beautiful young woman who found her purpose through her journey to the other side. Mack & Alma come from a traditional business background, both working together in their lower mainland building supply stores. They sacrificed to get where they are today, Mack dreaming of entrepreneurship & taking the risk when it became available to own his own store, mortgaging the family residence, & both of them living in a warehouse for three years, to complete their Pender Island dream home. Mack was raised with a psychic mother, which led to a very open minded adult, a perfect fit for his love to be, a beautiful Peruvian trained Shamanic healing student. Alma brings light to any room she enters & Mack suggested she keep her maiden name, Lightbody, as it perfectly explained the energy, wave length work she practices. When Alma attended a ‘Light Body School’ in Peru & the Peruvians told her Alma translated to Soul in Spanish, even the Gods sat up to listen. For Erin, who had been praying to her God for an answer, this was no coincidence. As Alma says “coincidences are messages sent for us to heed”. In this case, that unknown intelligence that directed these two to meet, was in full gear. Alma’s work with the Luminous Body, which connects us to the Universe & the Earth, reveals our story through this light energy field. Erin wanted to believe she would get better & Alma helped her come out of her literal world, to help her understand what a great person she was & what she had to offer. Erin learned about her spiritual self, her soul, & came to understand her purpose, ‘to teach others’. As Alma progressed with Erin through her healing touch, Mack began to see this transform Erin, as she recognized the body is the Temple of the Soul. Many of us never get in touch with our authentic self, our soul, but this couple were blessed by a young girl who died surrounded by their compassionate love. ‘My Wonderful Nightmare’, is a culmination of the journals a young vivacious, advanced ovarian cancer woman left us. Erin realized the end was near & went on to believe that it was not the end but a new beginning. She wants us to rejoice in her passing over & she is out there hoping that you will share her adventure. Alma in her own words: “I made a promise to Erin to publish her book, fulfilling what she wanted with her journals, that ultimately became her purpose. Erin left her journals to me, which then became my purpose, to fulfill hers. Erin’s message is to listen to your body, connect to your inner self, & know what you are here for.  So please meet Erin on her videos”.

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