Erin finds true purpose as she courageously steps forward to share what she learns from life and consciousness-altering experiences.

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A diagnosis of ovarian cancer at thirty-one throws Erin’s body into crisis but it becomes a time of enlightenment for her soul. As she faces The Beast head-on she uses her journals as a form of therapy and through the process of fearless self-disclosure her true purpose begins to awaken from within. Erin is a storyteller and now has the opportunity to help others and teach about her process through journalling. She shares her experiences, treatments, therapy, research, and especially her inner turmoil, with profound honesty. During this journey the wisdom she knows intuitively becomes a reality. In the face of impending death, Erin’s life purpose and love for humanity blooms. With the hope of reaching at least one person she reaches the hearts of millions through her inspiring journals. Erin leaves us with much to muse on. Deep gratitude to you, Erin